AM Product Simulation

Additive manufacturing (AM) is undoubtedly becoming more and more relevant among manufacturing technologies, becoming a new paradigm for components production.  

Several AM technologies, ranging from fused deposition modeling to metal laser sintering, able to process a wide spectrum of materials, currently populate the production panorama. At the same time, each single AM process is governed by many different parameters (e.g., printing velocities, temperatures, etc…), which may drastically affect the final result.

The proposed mini-symposium is principally focused on the simulation of final products obtained through AM processes and aims at collecting simulation results of the  mechanical performance of 3D printed components, obtained either using in-house developed codes or commercial softwares.

Topics can include, but are not limited to: simulation of the AM process for the production of specific components, simulation of the macroscopic behavior of printed products, but also numerical results of 3D printing process analyses at the microscale.