Material Modeling

Additive manufacturing (AM) processes become of more and more importance in different engineering fields. Due to the variety of AM processes and applications also the diversity of processible materials increases, ranging, e.g., from thermoplastics via nickel-based super alloys to ceramics. During the process the materials are typically exposed to severe thermal and mechanical loads, undergo phase transitions and/or change their microstructure after solidification, depending on the process conditions. To better understand the material behavior during AM processes, the microstructure evolution of materials and the response of additively manufactured parts after the process, versatile material models have to be developed.

This mini-symposium intends to serve as a forum for bringing together scientists from different disciplines working on material modeling in the context of additive manufacturing. The topics addressed in the mini-symposium include but are not limited to:

- thermo-plasticity, thermo-viscoelasticity
- models for melting and solidification
- modeling powder materials
- multiscale models
- modeling microstructure evolution
- modeling the formation of defect