Multi-physics and multiscale-problems in Additive Manufacturing

The simulation of Additive Manufacturing (AM) products and processes involves many scales in space and time. Spatial scales range from the atomistic level to meters, temporal scales from nano-seconds to hours. It is therefore mandatory for any numerical simulation to restrict to a certain limited spatial and temporal range, and/or to bridge scales by suitable methods. Even if the scale range of AM is extreme this situation is by no means unique.

In many other fields in science and engineering similar questions occur, and powerful approaches like FE2-methods, reduced order and surrogate modeling, or combinations of data analytics and numerical simulation have been developed. These might be successfully adopted and further developed to the specific questions of AM.

This mini-symposium therefore intends to serve as a forum for bringing together scientists working on simulation for additive manufacturing with those focusing on general methods for multiscale-modeling in space and time. The goal of this mini-symposium will therefore be to explore similarities and differences of multiscale problems in AM and other areas of science and technology, and to discuss opportunities of making available more general methods to the particular problems of AM.