Instructions for Authors


The submission of contributions and the conference registration must be performed electronically via the conference web site.

Concerning abstract and full paper submission

  • Abstract (mandatory)
    In order to be accepted as a speaker at the conference you must submit a one to two page long abstract describing the main features of the work before March 10, 2017.
    Please use this word template or this LaTex template for preparing your abstract. Please note that you are required to submit the abstract in pdf format. Additionally to the submission of the pdf we ask you to zip your folder which contains the sources used to create that pdf (word *.doc or latex) such that we may carry out small formating changes when compiling the book of abstracts.
  • Full paper (optional)
    After the conference, selected authors will be invited to submit a full paper, for inclusion in an international jounal or in another publication of international relevance

Please note that:

  • The corresponding author must be the lecturer.
  • Presenting authors are required to finalize their registration before June 9, 2017 in order to get the presentation included in the Conference Program.
  • Only one presentation per registration is allowed.

You can contact the conference secretariat for any question.