Dr. Jing Rao

Research Associate

Room: 3159

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Research projects

2019 - present Humboldt Research Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researchers

2018 - 2019 EuroTech Postdoc Programme

2018 - 2019 SMRT-NTU Smart Urban Rail Corporate Laboratory with funding support from the National Research Foundation (NRF), SMRT and Nanyang Technological University

2015 - 2019 Condition Monitoring Of Gas Pipelines In Critical Locations Using Ultrasonic Guided Wave Technology

2014 - 2018 Numerical Modeling Of Corrosion Mapping In Ship Structures Using Ultrasonic Guided Waves

2009 - 2012 Risk Assessment and Life Prediction of Pressure Equipment in Extreme Conditions



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Book Contribution

       1. S. Dong and J. Rao, Pipeline Integrity Assessment Technology And Application, Petroleum Industry Press, China, 2018

Conference Proceedings

1. J. Rao. Z. Fan, E. Rank. Least-Squares Reverse Time Migration for Flaw Characterization Using Ultrasonic Bulk Waves. 9th ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Smart Structures and Materials, 2019, Paris, France.

2. J. Rao, M. Ratassepp, Z. Fan. Quantification of thickness loss in liquid-loaded pipes based on guided wave tomography. The 7th Asia-Pacific Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, 2018, Hong Kong, China.

3. J. Rao, M. Ratassepp, Z. Fan. Guided wave tomography for on-line monitoring of corrosion damage in plates. 15th Asia Pacific Conference NDT, 2018, Singapore.

4. J. Rao, D. Lisevych, M. Ratassepp, Z. Fan. An Adaptive Regularization Method for Limited View Thickness Reconstruction. Far East NDT, 2017, Xi'an, China

5. J. Rao, M. Ratassepp, Z. Fan. Online Monitoring of Corrosion Damage Using Ultrasonic Guided Wave Tomography. The 11th International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, 2017, Stanford, California, USA.

6. J. Rao, M. Ratassepp, Z. Fan. Limited View Guided Wave Tomography Based on Full Waveform Inversion. Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation, 2016, Atlanta, USA.

7. J. Rao, M. Ratassepp, Z. Fan, Quantitative imaging of thickness maps using ultrasonic guided wave tomography based on full-waveform inversion. 6th Asia Pacific Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, 2016, Hobart.



Quantitative Imaging Using Ultrasonic Tomography Based on Full Waveform Inversion


Non-Destructive Testing, Structural Health Monitoring

Supervised theses