Introduction to Programming in C++

This course is meant as a preparation for Computation in Engineering I which will be held in the winter semester. It is not meant to be a self-contained introduction to C++ and focuses on procedural programming using C/C++.

Content of the Lecture:

  1. Compiling and binding
  2. C/C++ expressions
  3. Variables and constants
  4. Arithmetic expressions
  5. Operators
  6. Formatted input and output
  7. Control structures
  8. Functions
  9. Arrays and pointer arithmetics.


  • The course will take place from 7th October to 11th October 2019. The schedule of the previous year is available here. We will update the schedule once the new one is available.
  • Note: The course plan also incorporates parts of the welcome week of the master’s course Computational Mechanics (CoMe). These dates are not mandatory for other master students (e.g. Bau-Ing.).

The first lecture of the course starts on Monday, 7th of October 2019 presumably at 13:00 in Room 3238.


Please register for the course in TUMonline.


Material for the lecture and practical course will be available through Moodle.


Name M.Sc. Philipp Kopp
Room 3163
Office hours     by arrangement