Project team leader Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Kollmannsberger MSc
Phd students Dipl.-Ing. Ziad Wassouf MSc
Principal investigator Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Ernst Rank

Project Partners SOFiSTiK AG
Sponsorship Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

Project description

The increase of computational power and the developments in both geometric modeling and numerical methods in the next decade will probably allow for computational analysis to be done with fully 3D volumetric models, and not as it is the case nowadays with dimensionally reduced models. These aspects will have a strong influence onto the whole planning process due to the possible saving of expenses when working with a volumetric model. This research project addresses therefore the possibilities of a fully 3D approach within the planning process.

This project is based on a grant of the Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG. It is now in the 4th phase, in which the developed methods are applied to real industrial problems together with an industry partner, SOFiSTiK AG. During the first 3 phases a volume model as center for interdisciplinary cooperative work has been developed, in detail:

1.Phase: Development of a volume oriented object model as basis for interdisciplinary work.
2.Phase: Enhancement of the model by allowing for parallel work on it by several persons.
3.Phase: Cooperative Work on the overall system under the assumption of changes during the construction phase.

Process Model of a bridge



Process Model of a tunnel

A realistic analysis of a nonlinear load bearing behavior needs the consideration of the specific construction phases. This has to be done also in the incidence of unexpected problems at the building lot, e.g. too large settlements, etc.. The project aims especially for an enhancement of the already developed model of the building processes and its structural behavior with a focus on geotechnical aspects.

General information on the whole project SP1103 can be found here.


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Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Ziad Wassouf MSc